ABC's The Note concluded from Wash. Post profile that Clinton inner circle is "sometimes vicious"


The Note, ABC News' daily online tip sheet for political news, today described Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (NY) inner circle of senior advisers as "sometimes vicious." The attack was made while highlighting a June 21 Washington Post feature article on the cadre of women who advise Clinton. In linking to the article, The Note described the advisers as "the sometimes vicious, always discreet core of women who form Clinton's campaign brain trust."

Yet the Post article included no references of any kind to alleged "vicious" behavior by any of the Clinton advisers. Instead, the article -- headlined "Gatekeepers of Hillaryland" -- portrayed the women as successful, close-knit, hardworking, and loyal. Post staff writer Lois Romano wrote: "In an era when every hiccup finds its way into tell-all books, particularly where the Clintons are concerned, having a loyal and discreet campaign staff is a great advantage."

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