NBC's Couric failed to mention Clinton's positive rating is 10 percent higher than negative


In an exclusive interview with Senator John Kerry on the October 25 edition of NBC's Today, co-anchor Katie Couric asked the presidential candidate if he was "concerned" that former President Bill Clinton may "alienate some voters" while campaigning with Kerry "because, in our latest poll, 38 percent of voters had a somewhat or very negative opinion of him."

As Couric noted, Clinton received a 38 percent negative rating in the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted October 16-18. But in asking the question, Couric was ignoring the fact that the same poll also found that the former president had a 48 percent positive rating, which according to an October 25 New York Times article, is "higher than the ratings for either President [George W.] Bush or Mr. Kerry."

The Times also noted that "His [Clinton's] ratings were even higher among independents, swing voters and those who had not yet committed to a candidate, precisely the voters the Kerry campaign hopes he can reach this week."

Polling, 2004 Elections
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