Ann Coulter: "Crazy" Dems think U.S. went to war with Iraq because of "oily Jews"


Ann Coulter, right-wing pundit and author of How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter (Crown Forum, October 2004), claimed in her October 20 nationally syndicated column that Democrats believe the United States went to war with Iraq because of "oily Jews," among other reasons.

Coulter then referred to Democrats as "crazy people"; wrote that the new Kerry campaign slogan is "Let Radical Islamic Iraq Be Radical Islamic Iraq!"; repeated her unfounded argument that Democrats want Saddam Hussein back in power; and likened the former Iraqi dictator to a number of prominent Democrats, including Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

Coulter's weekly column is nationally syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate and also appears on Yahoo! News, The Heritage Foundation-operated website,, Human Events Online, and Coulter's personal website.

From Coulter's October 20 column:

While the people of Afghanistan are celebrating their first democratic election and the Iraqis are taking their first steps to democracy, the great thinkers in the Democratic Party are still polishing up their conspiracy theories about the war to liberate Iraq.

There's no consensus position, but the Democrats are pretty sure the real reason we went to Iraq was one of the following:

  • Bush family's connections to the Saudis,
  • Halliburton,
  • the Carlyle Group,
  • something about the Texas Rangers needing more left-handed pitching,
  • the neoconservatives,
  • the Straussians,
  • oil,
  • the Jews,
  • oily Jews.

This may be the first time in American history that the decisional calculus for many voters will be: Do I really want to throw my hat in with these crazy people?


The Democrats want Saddam back. I suppose it was only a matter of time for the party that also welcomed back Marion Barry [former Washington, DC, mayor], Ted Kennedy, [U.S. Representative] Barney Frank [D-MA], [former Democratic presidential candidate] Al Sharpton, [Senator] Frank Lautenberg [D-NJ], Hillary Clinton, etc., etc.

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