O'Reilly and guest Ralph Peters took potshots at Dean


Eight days after Media Matters for America quoted FOX News Channel host Bill O'Reilly calling former Vermont Governor Howard Dean "a mean, nasty SOB," and two weeks after O'Reilly lied about Dean's position on the Iraq war, O'Reilly and his guest, Ralph Peters (a retired Army lieutenant colonel, New York Post columnist, author, and columnist for David Horowitz's FrontPageMag.com), took turns taking potshots at Dean.

From the August 10 edition of FOX News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor:

O'REILLY: A big part of the country doesn't see we're at war. They think we can appease these people.


O'REILLY: And I mean, it's the Howard Dean wing.

PETERS: Yes, well, we're talking about sane people tonight. And...

O'REILLY: [laughing] I'll let that go. I'm not going to defend Dean. He's a bad guy, but...


PETERS: He's a sad guy.

Peters also has a history of Dean-bashing. In his January 5 column for the New York Post, Peters compared Dean to Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels and compared Dean's supporters to "Hitler's Brownshirts."

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