Drudge peddling RNC talking points on Edwards


On the day that Senator John Kerry (D-MA) announced that his vice presidential running mate is Senator John Edwards (D-NC), Internet gossip Matt Drudge once again confirmed that his highly trafficked website, The Drudge Report, is a vehicle for disseminating partisan GOP talking points across all media channels. On July 6, The Drudge Report posted the headline "RNC: WHO IS JOHN EDWARDS?...," which links to the Republican National Committee's (RNC) dossier on Edwards titled "WHO IS JOHN EDWARDS? A Disingenuous, Unaccomplished Liberal And Friend To Personal Injury Trial Lawyers."

Further, The Drudge Report posted links to articles cited in the RNC dossier, which quoted Kerry criticizing Edwards ("KERRY, 1/18/04: 'I don't even know if John Edwards was out of diapers'...") and quoted Kerry's stepson questioning Edwards's credentials during the Democratic primaries: "Chris Heinz: 'I think we may need someone with stronger credentials on foreign policy'...".

2004 Elections
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