Ken Starr to appear on premiere episode of PBS's Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered


PBS's Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered will debut on June 18 with guest Kenneth W. Starr, the former independent counsel whose investigation ultimately led to former President Bill Clinton's impeachment by the House of Representatives and subsequent acquittal in the Senate. According to PBS's Unfiltered website, Starr will discuss Clinton's forthcoming book, My Life.

As Media Matters for America reported on June 17 in an "unfiltered analysis" of the new PBS host, Carlson expressed the hope, according to The Washington Post, that "the new program ... will be less partisan in tone" than CNN's Crossfire, which Carlson co-hosts.

Carlson's other guest on the June 18 premiere will be psychoanalyst Dr. Justin A. Frank, author of the book Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, which was released on June 15 by ReganBooks (an imprint of Rupert Murdoch's publishing house HarperCollins). According to the book's official website, "At once a compelling portrait of George W. Bush and a damning indictment of his policies, Bush on the Couch sheds startling new light on an administration whose record of violence and cruelty seems increasingly dependent on the unstable psyche of the man at its center."

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