Planned Parenthood Is “Our Auschwitz”

A blog post claimed that deceptively-edited videos from an anti-choice group smearing Planned Parenthood demonstrate that the organization is “our Auschwitz.”

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a third video on July 28 claiming to show Planned Parenthood officials engaging in a “black market in baby parts.” Like the two deceptively-edited videos previously released by CMP, the latest video once again features strategically-edited conversations that merely show that Planned Parenthood is being reimbursed for costs associated with the procurement of fetal tissue, which federal law allows.

A July 29 blog post used the highly-edited videos to call Planned Parenthood “our Auschwitz.” Writing that Planned Parenthood is “outpacing” the Nazis, the post claimed that for the organization “extinction is not enough. They want to make money off the slaughter”:

The third undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress is out. By now, the takeaway from this media is clear: this is our Auschwitz.

Some might recoil at this statement. Wait a minute, they're thinking, cool your jets. Auschwitz was a concentration camp. That's not Planned Parenthood. In the simplest terms, no, Planned Parenthood is not a concentration camp. It is not performing ethnic cleansing (anymore). It performs certain medical services that are of value to women. But for decades, the real “value added” function of the organization has been this: it has provided a safe and legal way for the killing and disposal of babies.

Sometimes, people make this connection where it's not warranted. This, however, is a cultural moment that put things in black and white. Planned Parenthood is facilitating preposterous acts of evil. In its abortion-and-fetal-tissue-business, it is doing the following: 1) killing innocent lives, 2) desecrating their bodies, and 3) profiting from these bodies.

Our muddy moral moment might obscure this searing truth: we are not simply keeping up to speed with the Nazis. We are outpacing them. Planned Parenthood is operating by a for-profit motive that was largely alien to the Third Reich. The point of the Final Solution was not profit. It was extinction of the Jews and other disposable persons. But for Planned Parenthood, extinction is not enough. They want to make money off of slaughter.


As a society, we have tolerated a culture of death. But now the lights are on, and the opportunity for reckoning is at hand. Let us not quiet our consciences. Let us not fail to seize this moment to save many more tiny boys and girls. Let us not miss the opportunity to do good. In this horrible instance, doing good means making clear what Planned Parenthood is: our Auschwitz.