RedState suggests Obama admin. got supporter fired after she was “critical” of Obama on “national television”

In a November 22 post, Moe Lane suggested that Velma Hart--who gained notoriety for telling President Obama during a nationally televised town hall meeting that she was “exhausted” from defending his policies--may have been “targeted” by the administration following her “critical” remarks. Lane referenced reports that Hart had recently lost her job and wrote:

Kind of ironic, but supposedly not targeted; Velma Hart's company (AmVets) just couldn't afford to keep her any longer, that's all. At least, I hope that this administration wasn't so stupid as to get the CFO for Amvets - and a military veteran herself - fired. Even if Ms. Hart had made the critical mistake of being critical to the President's face on national television.

Lane went on to suggest that Hart challenge her Congressional representative, “liberal antiwar moonbat” Rep. Donna Edwards, by running as a Republican in 2012.