BREAKING NEWS: can read Obama's mind!

Is there any supernatural power right-wing bloggers don't process?

Check out Erick Erickson's "exclusive" at RedState where he claims he can pretty much prove Obama was lying when he said over the weekend that he wasn't paying much attention to the right-wing's beloved ACORN caper. How does crack journalist Erickson go about proving that Obama has been paying attention? Easy, Erickson lists all the connections, real and imagined, between ACORN and Obama. Even more amazing, after rifling through the ACORN CEO's private contact list, he reports she has phone numbers for staffers who work at the White House! I mean, how many other people in Washington, D.C. can say that?

Well, actually hundreds if not thousands can say that, but you get the idea....

RedState's bottom line: It can just sense that Obama's been following the ACORN story closely. Of course, RedState doesn't have any actual proof. It can't quote anybody who's had detailed discussion with Obama about ACORN in recent days. It doesn't have access to White House memos which indicate a huge interest from Obama in the story. But RedState can just tell. It can feel that Obama is lying.

I knew Obama's dismissive comment regarding ACORN on Sunday would drive the right-wing to distraction. (i.e. “Frankly, it's not really something I've followed closely. I didn't even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.” ) I just didn't think folks like Erickson would resort to using supernatural powers (and lifted contact list info) to crack the case. I didn't think right-wing bloggers would claim they could read Obama's mind and definitively claim that the POTUS has been following the ACORN story closely.

Then again, I always underestimate bloggers like Erickson.

UPDATED: RedState's whiff simply highlights how, without eye-catching hidden camera video to rally around, the conservative attempt to turn ACORN into a blockbuster story about a sprawling Evil Empire just isn't going to have much staying power. Especially with crack “reporters” like Erickson flogging it. (Reminder: He took somebody's private phone/email contact list and posted it as an “exclusive.” Disgraceful.)

UPDATED: RedState responds. Warning: It's almost too dumb for words.