Wisconsin state Rep. Timothy Ramthun promotes his call for a supposed 2020 “forensic audit” on QAnon show

Timothy Ramthun on Patriots' Soapbox

Wisconsin state Rep. Timothy Ramthun is following in the steps of conspiracy theorists in Arizona and elsewhere by trying to initiate a “forensic audit” of the 2020 election in the state. He promoted his effort by appearing on a QAnon program, where he said it was “an honor to be” there and raised doubts about the election results. 

Ramthun is a Republican member of the Wisconsin Legislature. On July 15, Ramthun responded to sham “audit” efforts in Arizona and Georgia by requesting “a forensic audit for Wisconsin.” He recently promoted his “audit” push in an interview with The Gateway Pundit, a right-wing outlet that frequently publishes blatantly false information

He also attempted to appeal to QAnon conspiracy theorists by appearing on the July 28 edition of the Patriots’ Soapbox program The Common Sense Show. Patriots’ Soapbox is a network that has been dedicated to QAnon and its affiliated conspiracy theories (the front page of its website touts the QAnon slogan “WWG1WGA” or “where we go one, we go all”). Numerous other Republican officials have also appeared on the network. 

QAnon has been linked to numerous acts of violence, including the January 6 insurrection in Washington, D.C., that attempted to overturn the 2020 election.  

Ramthun appeared on the program for roughly 25 minutes and primarily talked about his call for an “audit.” (The QAnon conspiracy theory was not discussed during the segment.) During the appearance, Ramthun cast doubt on the election, stating that “I believe there were a lot of things that happened; there was plenty of reason to doubt the integrity of our election process.” He later said while talking about the 2020 election: “It's our democratic republic. It's our election system. It's the core of our democracy. And if it's been hacked, we're all in trouble for long term.” The 2020 election wasn't stolen and claims like those are based on lies and conspiracy theories

Co-host Derik Vance told Ramthun that it “could be highly questioned” whether President Joe Biden “won legitimately” and wondered what Democrats are “worried about” regarding an “audit.” The state representative responded that it was a “great point” and that “maybe they're not confident. They might say they are, but I don't think deep down they are.” 

Ramthun flattered the QAnon hosts, starting the segment by stating that “it’s an honor to be here today” and concluding by telling them that “it was an honor to meet you both today and I look forward to a follow-up.” He also used the program to promote his social media presence. 

Ramthun, likewise, was warmly received by the program’s hosts. Vance said that “we've never spoken with the representative, but I can tell that he, again, is a man of action and urgency.” Co-host “Patriotski” said after the interview: “I heard a lot of very positive things out of the representative.” 

The interview also gave hope to the hosts, who both stated afterward that they were looking forward to what happens with future “audit” efforts and said that former President Donald Trump could have actually won all 50 states. 

At the conclusion of the show, Derik repeated the QAnon slogan, stating, “Most importantly, remember: Where we go one, we go all.” 

Media Matters previously documented that QAnon followers have been working on the fraudulent Arizona “audit” with Arizona Republicans and “audit” officials. That relationship is par for the course, as the Republican Party has integrated itself with the QAnon movement.