An OAN reporter's nonprofit donated over $600,000 to the Arizona election “audit”

On July 28, the team behind the sham “audit” of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, finally released donation data showing who funded the process and how much money they provided. According to Cyber Ninjas’ press release, Voices & Votes, the nonprofit founded by One America News correspondent Christina Bobb, donated $605,000 to the “audit,” accounting for slightly more than 10% of the $5.7 million in total donations.

OAN, and Bobb in particular, were enthusiastic supporters of the “audit” process from the very beginning. The network repeatedly broadcast suggestions of election fraud as potentially damning smoking guns, no matter how misleading or false. Bobb provided documents and testimony to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to support the Senate’s authorization of the “audit.” Bobb founded Voices & Votes to raise money for the “audit” and found herself a coverage niche in the very process she funded -- coverage which was emboldened by the “unfettered access” OAN enjoyed, unlike mainstream journalists who were kept at arm’s length. Eventually, Voices & Votes expanded its goals to funding not just the Arizona “audit” but also attempts to start similar shams in other states. 

In a further breach of basic journalistic ethics, Bobb also relentlessly used OAN airtime to promote and raise funds for her 501(c)(4); from May 30 through June 28, Bobb promoted her nonprofit 22 different times, which repeated for a total of 148 airings. 

According to Cyber Ninjas, Bobb’s OAN-enabled fundraising provided about 10% of the “audit” cost, which may be enough to prove to Bobb and OAN that the election grift is worth pursuing. She will keep raising money to “audit” other states, and OAN will produce more false coverage suggesting that the 2020 election was stolen from its political messiah, former President Donald Trump.