Trump official Kash Patel says he and Trump are “blown away” by the “acumen” of some QAnon supporters

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Citation From the September 27, 2022, edition of GraceTime TV

MARY GRACE (HOST): One of the things that I have loved about following the Q community is that people are accessing open source information. They're not creating conspiracies out of thin air. They're actually uncovering conspiracies that are available through open-source research. For example, a lot of the information that you put on your website ... are documents that many of the Q community have researched and have broken down for the layperson to be able to understand. And they've also made connections between one sort of incident and another. So they've taken some of the Russiagate things and then they tied them into other things that have happened. They're just good researchers, from what I've seen. Is that -- is that your take, maybe, on what you've seen? 

KASH PATEL: I've seen on social media, on Trump -- on Truth Social, how good these researchers are and I kind of wish I had some of them when I was doing Russiagate and some of these other things. You know, Devin and I talk regularly and then, you know, I talk with the president all the time as well. And we're just blown away at the amount of acumen some of these people have and how quick they are to -- to grab it and suss through it and sort of thin it down and make it presentable, you know. And it's actually heartening to me to hear that people are going to [Patel's website] and getting the documents from the [INAUDIBLE]. That's the whole point. It's free.

Don't listen to my commentary. Go get the government documents that expose their own corruption, that show their own unethical behavior. From January 6, from Durham, from Russiagate, from Ukraine, impeachment one, whatever. We're going to keep getting those documents and keep putting them out. And that's part of the mission at [Patel's website]. It's the education component of our charity, we're a 501(c)(3), is to get this out there.

So I'm glad people are reading it. We're going to keep doing it. And that is -- that is the singular best way on how you effectuate the change that you want in your community. And if it's Q or whatever movement that's getting that information out, I am all for it, every day of the week.