Trump official Kash Patel defends signing book with QAnon slogan

Patel: “There's so many people who subscribe to the 'where we go one, we go ... all' mantra. And what's wrong with it?”

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Citation From the September 27, 2022, edition of MatrixxxGrooove Show

JEFFREY PEDERSEN (CO-HOST): We're being attacked today for having you on the show for the third time, Kash Patel. And thank you very much for coming on. You know, so we've got a lot of questions, you know, people using “where we go when we go one, we go all.” Your book, here it is right here. This is the disinfo of the day from the liars at Yahoo. “Where we go one, we go all.” Do you want to speak about that? Because we use that term and get attacked for it all the time as well. 

KASH PATEL (TRUMP NARA REPRESENTATIVE): You know, it's got to — the time where they get to pigeonhole us into friendly disinformation campaigns, or I should say they think are friendly — that time has come to an end. They don't get to define what we mean when we say something. “Where we go one, where we go all” is, as you said, from a great movie that I watched a long time ago, and people took to it. And so what? It doesn't mean everyone is a conspiracy theorist.

And people keep asking me about all this Q stuff. I’m like, what does it matter? What I'm telling you is there is truth in a lot of things that many people say, and what I'm putting out there is the truth. And how about we have some fun along the way? There's so many people who subscribe to the “where we go one, we go one all” mantra. And what's wrong with it? And so we had a fun thing. I was signing literally I signed 6,000 copies of The Plot Against the King this past weekend down in Florida. And we said, hey, let's have fun. Let's put 10 signatures of “where we go one, we go all.” And let's not sell them for an above the normal price. Let's just give away in the lottery system. So there's 10 out there and 10 people are going to get it. I don't know who it's going to be because they're already gone. They're already in the mail. But let’s have fun with the truth. 

PATEL: It goes back to what I was saying is we get to say what we want. It's a free speech constitutional republic, not a censorship one like the likes of Facebook and Twitter and all these other people want us. And that's why we have Truth Social, thankfully. And you can always follow me. That's the only place I exist on social media is Truth, is @kash, and so that's it. And we're like you guys constantly slinging out hard evidence, hard truths, and sometimes they aren't friendly to our side. But the truth is the truth, as you guys said, and it's our job to put it out. And I get attacked from the left, I get attacked from the right, but I don't care. Basically, the bottom line is — and I get attacked for calling out some of the stuff that quote-unquote Q says and whatnot. I'm like, what's the problem with that? It's social discourse.