Appearing on a QAnon-supporting podcast, Eric Trump praises the host for his “honest voice”

The husband of RNC co-chair Lara Trump has appeared on the program multiple times

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump and the husband of Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump, told the host of a show affiliated with the dangerous QAnon conspiracy theory that he was providing an “honest voice” for America, and bragged about his wife’s role at the RNC.

During the June 22 episode of X22 Report — a QAnon-supporting show that was reportedly linked to at least one act of real-world terrorism — Eric Trump complained about the legal issues facing his father and his allies and claimed that it “killed the mainstream media in this country.” Instead, he said, people were turning to people like the show’s host, David Marc Fishman, who “have an honest voice” and who are “not told what to say.”

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Citation From the June 22, 2024, edition of X22 Report, streamed on Rumble

ERIC TRUMP (GUEST): The positive is all of this has killed the mainstream media in this country. And it’s — Dave, it’s brought about guys like you who can have an honest voice not controlled by narrative, not controlled by big corporation, not told what to say. Right? 

And it's given you the real power. It's given the bloggers, it’s given — you know, the Truth [Social] users. It's given the, you know, the X users. It’s changed journalism, where people no longer buy what they — what comes across their TVs at night. A long time ago, you could trust it. Today, you can’t. And all of a sudden, people are branching out, saying, “You know what? I don’t want to listen to CNN and I don’t want to listen to MSNBC and oftentimes I don’t even want to listen to Fox [News]. I don’t want to listen to any of these people. I want to go find my own, you know, media, and I want to get different takes from different people.” 

There’s so many times you can lie to somebody before they just stop believing you. And I actually think ultimately it would do a great justice for this country. I think my father will go down — maybe his greatest accomplishment, alright, will actually be kind of the unvarnished honesty that he's, you know, really taken toward the whole system.

On the show, Eric Trump also bragged that his wife has “cleaned house” as RNC co-chair, firing “RINOs” (short for “Republicans in name only”), and he pushed false claims about noncitizens voting in elections, saying, “We need major major reform in this country. I mean, you should have to have voter ID. You know, stop with these illegal immigrants being able to vote in our elections. That’s insane.”

Eric Trump’s appearance on X22 Report comes as he has appeared on multiple QAnon programs, including at least two additional appearances on X22 Report alone. In 2020, he also posted an explicit QAnon image on Instagram, and in 2022 he was photographed with another QAnon-supporting show host who claimed that Eric Trump said “his Dad loves what we’re doing.” 

Other figures in Donald Trump’s orbit, including the former president himself, have also associated with and boosted QAnon content. Some have appeared on X22 Report specifically, such as Trump attorney Alina Habba and former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the CEO of Trump’s social media platform Truth Social, who said the show is “getting the truth out” and called its host “the poster child for people who get canceled and get revived by places like Truth Social.”