Good Sign? Amanpour continues This Week's relationship with

As much as novelty fact-checking (news outlets creating fact-check gimmicks when it should be a normal part of reporting) may be trivializing an important issue, it's good to see Christiane Amanpour continuing the practice on ABC's This Week which she helmed for the first time as its new host this weekend.

Back in April, This Week guest-host Jack Tapper partnered with to offer fact-checks each week of ABC's important Sunday show.

PolitiFact editor Bill Adair told Media Matters, “I met with This Week's executive producer Ian Cameron a few weeks ago and we decided that we really liked how it was going and that it was a valuable service for This Week's viewers and PolitiFact readers.” Adding, “so, we decided to keep it going.”

Thus far, This Week remains the only Sunday morning network political talk show to offer an independent fact-check. Media Matters' partner organization Political Correction has been providing fact-checks of the Sunday shows for seven months.