Pam Geller is outraged, and quite possibly color blind

As we've established, conservative blogger Pam Geller's hatred of President Obama and Democrats is pathological.

Today she's managed to do something I didn't think possible: Make me read one of her posts and proclaim, “Wow, that's ridiculous - even by her standards!”

Let's start with the headline, which encapsulates the premise. Geller's latest investigative piece is titled “Flying The Gangsta Colors At The White House: SEIU, The Color Purple.” Surely this will be a well-reasoned argument.

She begins:

Yes, it seems this can no longer be written off as pure coincidence. The color purple is the fighting color of this administration. It is painfully clear who and what is running the show. Historically the color purple has signified royalty which, ironically, is exactly how the power mad pres thinks of himself. But this is SEIU, all the way. The Chicago way.

Her first piece of evidence? A picture of President Obama signing the health care bill, wearing what she describes as a “purple” tie. Big problem here: Judging from video of the event, and various other photos of the bill-signing, Obama appears to be wearing a blue tie.

So, other than the fact that Obama's tie isn't actually purple, this message to union thugs was pretty disturbing.

I will concede that Geller's next example does appear to show President Obama wearing a purple tie at a health care rally. However, I will not concede that this means that he is “flying the gangsta colors at the White House.”

Moving on, Geller posts this picture of Pelosi and the Dems walking arm in arm (which you may remember as the picture that caused Glenn Beck to lecture John Lewis about comparing himself to civil rights activists):

First things first: I suppose Pelosi's suit is a light shade of purple here. Some discussion with coworkers has led us to conclude that it seems to be periwinkle. And when I think “gangsta,” I think periwinkle.

More importantly, Geller once again points to what are clearly blue ties to proclaim them “purple.” With this kind of analysis, she could have a good future on a home shopping network.

But Geller saves her biggest failure for her last picture. She posts a picture of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs wearing a purple bracelet on Fox News Sunday to suggest, quoting fellow Big Government writer Kyle Olson, “The bracelet is kind of a signal to tell Stern that the administration has it under control and ObamaCare will be delivered. Just a few more Democrats need to be shown the Chicago way.”

As Gibbs pointed out in a tweet, the bracelet was actually for the young daughter of his friends who is fighting cancer.

To recap, our scoreboard tally of Geller's evidence of the “gansta color” conspiracy: four blue ties that are falsely called “purple,” one periwinkle suit that isn't even close to the SEIU shade of purple, and one case of misconstruing the press secretary wearing a purple bracelet as a message to SEIU when he was actually sending a message to the cancer-stricken nine year-old daughter of his friends. (And, to be fair, one image of Obama actually wearing, horror of horrors, a purple tie).

The fact that she is entirely untethered from reality makes her a perfect fit to write for Breitbart's Big Journalism, Newsmax, and to receive links from Fox Nation.

And in a startling, late-breaking development, it appears Geller may also be in on the “gangsta color” conspiracy. To use her words, “it seems this can no longer be written off as pure coincidence.”

[H/T JWS for the Geller pic]