Atlas Shrugs dubs Obama “President Jihad”

From an April 1 Atlas Shrugs blog post, titled, “President Jihad: Obama Encouraged Violent Palestinian Muslim protests against Israel”:

This is one bad, ugly man. That's a fact. America has no clue what she is dealing with. The President of the United States is advancing jihad against the oath of office that he took. If he is agitating Muslims against Jews, will he declare war on Israel?


PA official claims that Obama administration encouraged violent Palestinian protests against Israel Jihadwatch

If this is true, could Obama possibly sink any lower? Well, he could declare war against Israel. “Shock claim: Obama encouraged Palestinian 'resistance': Violence targeting Jews aimed at pressuring Israel into splitting capital,” by Aaron Klein for WorldNetDaily, March 31.


WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein lobs another evidence-free attack at Obama, this time claiming he encouraged Palestinian protests against Israel