Anti-Park51 protest featuring right-wing media loaded with anti-Muslim hate

Right-wing blogger Pamela Geller's September 11 protest against the Park51 Islamic cultural center in Manhattan -- which featured fellow right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart and Fox News contributors John Bolton and Mike Gallagher - was loaded with inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric, imagery, and smears.

Right-wing media figures address protesters at Geller's anti-Park51 rally

Geller organized rally with blogger Robert Spencer. Geller noted in a September 11 blog post that she organized the anti-Park51 protest -- which was held on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- with blogger Robert Spencer.

Protest featured speeches by Breitbart, Bolton, Gallagher, and Malzberg. As Talking Points Memo noted, Breitbart and Bolton addressed the crowd via video messages. Gallagher, a right-wing radio host and Fox News contributor, gave a speech at the protest, as did right-wing radio host Steve Malzberg.

Geller's protest loaded with anti-Muslim hate

Anti-Park51 protest loaded with inflammatory, anti-Muslim imagery and rhetoric. The protest was filled with signs and shirts espousing anti-Muslim imagery and language. From Media Matters' coverage of the protest:

Images of victims falling from the World Trade Center, labeled “Should we all jump for Islam?”:

A copy of the Quran, labeled “Toilet Paper”:

“What Would Jesus Do?...have his throat slit by Mohammed”:

“If not here, Where?? Wherever you think it best to honor a 50+ yr old mass murderer who had frequent sex with a 9 yr old girl & preached stoning, maiming & slaughter”:

“Bloomberg...Koran Calls You A Pig/Monkey (Jews) I Say Jackass”:

“Cordoba House: Muslims' Monument to Mass Murder”:

“Mosque Supports Hamas”:

“Warning: Home-Grown Terrorists Are On The Rise. How Can We Tell Them Apart?”:

“Don't Glorify Murders of 3,000. No 9/11 Victory Mosque”:

“King Bloomberg Prince Cuomo Imam Obama Are Wrong! No Victory Mosque Now or Ever!”:

“Sharia” written in dripping blood:

“It isn't Islamophobia when they are trying to kill you!”

“What God do you kill for?”:

" 'Sharia Pelosi' Implant A Tongue Depressor ~ Wire Her Jaw!":