Fox contributor says the government is “dividing the family unit” in order to “control us”

Katrina Campins: “Which is why we have this messaging in cartoons ... and messaging throughout the media because they're trying to control us by dividing us.”

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Citation From the January 31, 2023, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

EMILY COMPAGNO (CO-HOST): You know, Katrina, my family is from Sicily and I've mentioned this before, Russell Shorto wrote a history of Sicily and he said specifically the government, the corrupt, horrible government there did more to ruin that island in just 20 years than centuries of invaders had before that -- meaning the government can do, can dismantle, can absolutely erode, dilute, and destroy what it has taken centuries for good citizens of this country and good government leaders to build up. 

KATRINA CAMPINS (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): And this survey to me was not surprising because, as you all mentioned, government is at the root of the issue, which is then why we have inflation and all these other issues. What I did find surprising, and I was pleasantly surprised, is that one of the main issues is actually moral, ethical, and family decline. I found that to be so refreshing because I see it every day and I think that is something that they are doing on purpose in order to control us, you know really dividing the family unit. And so the fact that now the American people -- and by the way, both sides said this, not just the Republicans [who] said it little bit more than the Democrats. But both sides took notice that this is something that the government is trying to do, which I think is very indicative of the reality of what is happening, which is why we have this messaging in cartoons which I spoke about last time I was here and messaging throughout the media because they are trying to control us by dividing us. 

COMPAGNO: That is a really good point. Ainsley, I feel like this administration is particularly insidious because it's a one-two punch. There's the typical bloat -- they see every dollar we earn as a lost income dollar for the government, right, so we can count on them to increase regulations and increase government size and spending. But infused in the administration is a moral imprint that they are trying to stamp on the American people that the result of which is erosion of our faith, our values. They are literally stamping out the ethics that we had at the table simply two years ago.