Fox “straight news” reporter gushes over Corey Lewandowski ahead of House testimony

John Roberts: Lewandowski is like “like a cat playing with a mouse. ... He is sharp-witted, he is quick-tongued, very fast on his feet.”

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Citation From the September 17 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime

HARRIS FAULKNER (ANCHOR): Let's go to our reporter first, Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts now from the North lawn. John?

JOHN ROBERTS (FOX NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT): And I think Congressman Biggs hit the nail on the head there, Harris. Knowing Corey Lewandowski as I do, having spoken to him as many times as I have over the course of the Trump campaign and the preceding years, and as well as the years since, Lewandowski is probably likely going to be like a cat playing with a mouse here, in Congress and very well -- I don't know if he'll turn it into a circus, but I think he's going to turn it into a very interesting hearing.

And if the Democratic members of Congress are hoping that they are going to catch Lewandowski in some sort of a trap, then they really don't know the type of individual that they are dealing with. He is sharp-witted, he is quick-tongued, very fast on his feet, and he definitely knows what he will and will not talk about, and not just because of any marching orders that he got from the White House, but Lewandowski is a smart guy who is very supportive of the president, knows where the lines are, and can walk right up to it and not walk over it. So I think the Democrats on the committee are going to have their hands full if they're trying to trip up this witness.