Fox host: Overturning Roe would be “the beginning of democracy”

Jimmy Failla: The bigger lie is that women are under attack

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Citation From the June 21, 2022, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): So we know the age-old adage “good men who do nothing cause harm.” That's obviously a paraphrase there. What about good men who say nothing? What about the president of the United States and the fact that his silence -- is that complicity? We don't know. Is that mean that he condones what's happening? We don't know. 

JIMMY FAILLA (FOX RADIO HOST): Well, I'm going to say something, and I just want to say to the viewers, it is controversial, and if anyone has an issue with it you can hit me up on Twitter @kayleighmcenany.

Here's the issue. OK, there is a double standard in this country when it comes to political violence, and when there's a double standard, there's no standard. We know already. My bigger frustration in this moment is that we're not having an honest conversation. The reason people are so up in arms is they're being told that if Roe v. Wade gets repealed, it's the end of democracy. That's not true. It's the beginning of democracy because it goes back to the states for a vote. People do have a voice in where this goes. The bigger lie though is what? That women are under attack. Women aren't under attack, babies are under attack. Babies are dying in stunning numbers if you really want to get into the statistics on abortion, and that's where the kind of conflation of what abortion being repealed constitutes is bringing people to the precipice of real violence. People want to kill Brett Kavanaugh because they have been told he wants to kill women, but he doesn't want that -- that's not who Brett Kavanaugh is, OK? And that's the bigger frustration I have is that people feel like in this day and age the only way to cut through the news cycle being omnipotent as it is is to communicate in weapons-grade rhetoric. Chuck Schumer, “You've unleased the whirlwind, you're going to pay, you're not going to know what hit you.” That's where this conversation started. So God help us with where it's going.

FAULKNER: Look, if we want to talk about a war on women, remember where we were with this particular president and his incendiary comments when one of his own party, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, was pinned in the ladies room by at least one person, a male, in the ladies room because they didn't agree with her point of view, right? And he said that's just politics when you get followed in like that. 

FAILLA: It's politics when they do it. When they do it it's politics. When the right does it, as Emily said, it's an insurrection, this is violence. We all know the truth, but that's why the Democrats are in the position that they're in. They have alienated so many objective people who are not hard-core partisans, they are just watching a real double standard play out. Every right-wing person condemned the Capitol, we just don't agree with the premise that we've never seen political violence like this because we watched the whole summer of it in 2020.