Fox guest calls for resources to be diverted away from January 6 investigations

Nicole Parker: “I hope that they shift the resources accordingly”

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Citation From the October 17, 2023, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

NICOLE PARKER (GUEST): Well, first of all, the southern border is an absolute nightmare. It is catastrophic for our country. I cannot tell you how dangerous that is. I myself, before joining the FBI, I worked in finance. I was a witness to the 9/11 terrorist attacks here in New York City. And as a former FBI agent, I can tell you that the FBI's focus needs to be on international terrorism right now.

Over and over and over we've heard about domestic terrorism, going after school board parents, going after, you know, Catholic intel reports, January 6 Capitol breachers. Right now is the time that they need to be focusing on what the true threat is, and as Christopher Wray addressed the nation on Saturday, this is a threat.

And I think that protecting the United States from a terrorist attack is the FBI's number one priority. I think that the lone actor, you cannot — those are very difficult to track. They are not linked in to larger organizations. They are recruited through — they want a sense of belonging, they want to feel legitimate, they want to be a part of a social structure, they are difficult to track down. And the FBI needs to make sure that they are dedicating resources for every single tip that is coming in.

EMILY COMPAGNO (FOX HOST): So on that end, quick follow-up: Do you feel we are equipped? You know, notwithstanding the FBI stating it is our number one priority, we are learning, in the first two weeks of this fiscal year, so many on the terror watch list, so many Iranians, Palestinians, and the like that have gotten through, that have snuck through our southern border. So while it remains their priority, are we equipped to address these threats? 

PARKER: Well, like, if you don't know who's on, who's coming into your country, then how do you even know who is on the terror watch list? They're not going to make a terror watch list if you don't even know who they are.

We make so much effort in the FBI and the military to protect our country, but yet we have a wide open border. You know, the FBI, they need to make sure that all hands are on deck, that the focus of the January 6 Capitol breach that's been going on for two and a half years — I can tell you voluminous resources were dedicated for that. No one believes in violence at the capitol, but for misdemeanors to continue to be charged for two and a half years later, now we have a potential international terrorist attack here on our doorstep.

I reassure you that Americans are more concerned about getting attacked by an international terrorist right now than they are about someone that breached the Capitol on January 6. So I hope that they shift the resources accordingly.

I also think that, you know, these rallies that are being held and those that are, you know, sympathetic toward Hamas — that needs to be looked at. You know, people are going after Trump supporters and MAGA supporters and that's allegedly the number one threat in the country, but yet we need to make sure that we're looking at all threats facing us right now.