“VotifyNow” founder tells One America News audience how to download the app and report instances of supposed election manipulation

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Citation From the October 31, 2022, edition of One America News

NEIL MCCABE (HOST): We're talking now with Johnny Vieira, the founder of VotifyNow. Johnny, thank you very much for being on One America News.

JOHNNY VIEIRA (GUEST): Yeah, thank you, Neil. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

MCCABE: What are the specific incidents that have been reported in Arizona where you're in now? 

VIEIRA: For Arizona, specifically, lots of issues with people asking to not be on a mail-in ballot, an early mail-in ballot, and they want to vote in person, yet, mail-in ballots show up at their house. We have several people living in an apartment that find ballots in the dumpster. We have screenshots and video footage of everything. 

MCCABE: What is the purpose of VotifyNow?

VIEIRA: About 16 months ago, I started putting a lot of thought into election integrity. Created a tool of what we thought is a brand new way of approaching election integrity and strengthening, you know, people's confidence in the process and that's what turned into VotifyNow which everything is looked at in real time and VotifyNow is the only system that has a feature in the app where users can look on Election Day and they could click additional incidents button to see what else is getting reported around them. 

MCCABE: Johnny, how could a regular voter use the VotifyNow app to report what they think is a case of election fraud in real time?

VIEIRA: Download the app, they will get a menu item asking them what type of incident they're seeing, a mail-in ballot issue, a problem with the polling location, on the more nefarious incidents, we will archive and store those to keep chain of custody, we will share those with multiple parties, we don't share with any one entity, it might be a sheriff or it might be a campaign manager. We share with multiple parties so that there's no funny business. 

VotifyNow is an app intended for users to share allegations of election fraud with each other to create consistency in accusations. It’s unclear whether those reviewing submitted allegations received from VotifyNow have experience in determining fraud or working in election law. 

The app has been promoted by various right-wing figures and election deniers, including former Trump aide Steve Bannon, conservative radio host John Fredericks, and QAnon-connected media figures and outlets. The founder Johnny Vieira spoke at the 2021 QAnon-linked Rock the Red conference in South Carolina. The app is currently available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.