OAN's Pearson Sharp spreads anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, claims vaccines cause death and alter your DNA

Sharp: “Boosters won't save you now, but there's a good chance they could still kill you”

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Citation From the March 26, 2022, edition of One America News Network

PEARSON SHARP (OAN CORRESPONDENT): A new report from the U.K. proves the phony fact about how the majority of COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated is totally false. Now, it may be hard for branch COVID-ian cultists to hear, but according to an official government report from the U.K.'s health security agency, nine out of 10 China virus deaths are in the fully vaccinated. It's true, and what's worse for [Dr. Anthony] Fauci followers is that four out of five of those deaths are among the triple vaccinated. That's right. Boosters won't save you now, but there's a good chance they could still kill you.


SHARP: Of course not to be outdone, our own government isn't far behind. The centers for Democrat control, the CDC, released their latest data on the Pfizer vaccines and to no one's surprise, it turns out it's much less effective than advertised. The agency's most recent findings show that for children aged 5-11 the vaccine, and I use that word in the loosest possible sense, is less than 50% effective at preventing children from needing emergency-room care for virus symptoms.

Now, this is a joke for a number of reasons, but primarily because children don't need protection from this virus to begin with. Doctors, pediatricians even, have told One America News that they're seeing four times more children hospitalized for the annual flu than for this Fauci-engineered China virus. Seriously, as of March 2, the number of children the CDC claims have died from COVID is 307. Now compare that to 2019 when the CDC estimated some 434 children died from the annual flu.


Pediatric deaths from the flu in 2018 were around 144. Then in 2019, they jumped to almost 200. Then all of a sudden, COVID shows up in 2020, and bam. Childhood influenza deaths plummeted to just one — one death from the flu in 2020, from hundreds to just one. And so far this year, there have been six deaths from the flu. Doesn't that strike you as odd, when at the same time a much less dangerous virus is suddenly killing hundreds of kids a year, or roughly the same number as were previously dying from the flu but are now no longer dying at all. That's some fancy number shuffling on the part of the CDC. It makes you wonder where all those flu deaths went. Well, wonder no more because they've been magically turned into COVID deaths for the sake of pushing the agenda. The agenda being making hundreds of billions of dollars a year and exerting totalitarian control over society. 


In addition to being totally ineffective at stopping the virus, the vaccine is also having some shocking side effects. According to Swedish researchers at Lund University, the mRNA from Pfizer's vaccine actually goes into your liver and is then ominously converted into DNA. The researchers discovered that when the vaccine enters the liver cells, it undergoes reverse transcription, turning into spike DNA, and all of this happens less than six hours after getting the vaccine.

Why? Why is it doing this? Why is it turning into DNA? And what does it do once it becomes part of your body's genetic code? This is not what vaccines are supposed to do. Just to be clear, vaccines do not turn into DNA when they enter your body. This is not normal. And just a reminder, this exact process where the vaccine manipulates your body into producing a new kind of DNA, altering your body's genetic structure. This is something the CDC specifically said would not happen. In fact, you can go on the agency's website now, today, and you can read the CDC's actual claim, that, quote, “the COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way."

Well, now we know that's just another lie told to us by the centers for Democrat control. The Swedish researchers also found the spike protein from the vaccine in the liver may be targeted by the immune system, causing autoimmune hepatitis, which there have been cases of this reported after people got the vaccine. Another Japanese study found the vaccines mRNA molecules flooded the bloodstream and were found in organs across from the blood to the liver to the spleen and adrenal glands and even the ovaries, which would explain the skyrocketing rates of infertility and miscarriages among the vaccinated women in the military.

Cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough warns the Swedish study proves just how dangerous this vaccine really is, causing permanent chromosomal damage. And yet the media, the government, and the medical mafia are all in lockstep promoting this toxic chemical injection, which physically alters your body at the genetic level.

The really frightening part of the story is that there are no long-term studies for this vaccine. None. The only protection we have now is not to get it. And if you already have, hope and pray it's not as bad as it looks, because as bad as things are now, we won't know the full scope of how truly destructive this injection is for years to come.