OAN reporter: The survival of our country depends on COVID-19 vaccines killing liberals

Pearson Sharp also calls vaccination “child sacrifice on the altar of Big Pharma” and pushes many other conspiracy theories and lies

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Citation From February 3, 2021, coverage on One America News Network

PEARSON SHARP (REPORTER): More and more Americans are standing up and fighting back against the tyranny of the COVID conspiracy theory. Convoys of outraged truck drivers are sending a message loud and clear to cowardly leaders all over the world, from Canada to Australia and even here in the U.S., and that message is simple: Back off, or else. We, the people, will not tolerate this oppression any longer.

We have had enough. Enough of watching our businesses get destroyed, while hypocritical politicians like Gavin Newsom dine out at fancy restaurants with their friends during lockdowns, or go maskless to public events they demand that we wear masks to. We've had enough of watching our loved ones get sick and die pointless deaths, all because the media and despots in Washington refused to let us treat our sick with the safest and most effective drugs in the world, like ivermectin. We've had enough of being denied basic services, like being refused entry into a grocery store or restaurant, or being refused a life-saving organ transplant unless we have a dehumanizing passport proving we're dumb enough to sign over the rights to our own bodies to these murderous tyrants. Enough of seeing our children die after being forced to take this same poisonous drug that's making Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna over $100 billion a year. Enough is enough.

They can try to cover up their crimes. But the evidence is mounting, and they can't hide it forever. The story that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is laughable. How do they explain the hundreds of fully vaccinated cruise ships coming down with the Fauci flu? Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, and right now nearly 1% of their entire population is coming down with the China virus every single day. Think about that. Really let that number sink in: 1% of the entire country gets sick with this engineered virus, every day. And they're all fully vaccinated. 

Wayne Allyn Root over on Townhall put together a great article on this, demonstrating how the German government claimed up to 90% of the infected and dead are unvaccinated. But that was a flat-out lie, because it turns out the German government was actually classifying every sick and dying person as unvaccinated, regardless of whether they were or not. Same goes for Canada, where they claimed 60% of the COVID deaths were unvaccinated. But that was a lie, too, because in reality, they just classified anyone who got sick or died within two weeks of getting the vaccine as unvaccinated.

And surprise, surprise, our own beloved CDC -- the Centers for Democrat Control -- pulled the same trick on us. The CDC claimed that anyone who died within 14 days of getting injected wasn't vaccinated. Even though the majority of the deaths and injuries from the vaccine happened within that first 14-day period. Good way to cover up all the people they're murdering, just say they're not vaccinated. Sneaky, sneaky.

Daniel Nagase, a Canadian doctor for over 15 years who was fired after saving the lives of three patients with ivermectin, says this is just the tip of the iceberg. Nagase said looking at Pfizer's own clinical trial data, the number of deaths and injuries from the vaccine are staggering. According to their data, fully 31% of the people who got the vaccine either died or had permanent disabilities.

Even more shocking is what's happening in the military. Since the armed forces rolled out the vaccine, in one year cancer rates are up 300% among military members. But that's not all. Infertility is skyrocketing as well, up 500% in women, along with miscarriages, which are up another 300%. But those numbers pale in comparison to the rates of clinically diagnosed neurological disorders, which went up an astronomical 1,000% from 82,000 to nearly 900,000. And that happened in one year since the vaccines were introduced. Just think about what that's doing to America's ability to defend itself. Our young warriors crippled by their own government. And we still insist on giving this experimental drug to our children.

Even research published in the Toxicology Reports Journal, one of the most well-respected medical journals anywhere, found that children have almost no risk from COVID, but suffer severe consequences from what the researchers themselves called toxic inoculations, including paralysis, heart attacks and even death. The study found the spike proteins from the injections cause permanent damage in children's critical organs, including their brains, nervous and reproductive systems. After being ordered by a judge in December, Pfizer released its own data, which showed that out of 32 known pregnant women who received the vaccine, 28 women experienced fetal death and lost their babies. This is tantamount to child sacrifice on the altar of Big Pharma.

Young athletes are another prime group to be targeted by this deadly vaccine with 500% more soccer players in the E.U. dropping dead from heart attacks than one year ago -- 500%. Who is actually braindead enough to think that this is just a coincidence, when Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine are known by the FDA to cause heart attacks. This is a pandemic of the ignorant, and it's killing our country.

So, for all of you progressives and Democrats and radical leftists out there. Do us all a favor, please, and go get vaccinated. In fact, don't stop there. Get double vaccinated, and be sure to get all your boosters. All three or four of them. Why stop there? If more is better--- get five, six, get 10 boosters. All the rest of us sane, freedom-loving Americans are counting on you to get your injections. The survival of our country depends on it.