OANN host Liz Wheeler: “Transgender penguins” are a liberal ploy to get Americans to rely on the government

Wheeler melts down over “transgender penguins,” claims they could lead to the destruction of gender, traditional marriage, and family

One America News Network (OANN) host Liz Wheeler claimed that “transgender penguins” at the Sea Life London Aquarium could lead to the destruction of gender, traditional marriage, and family. She argued that the destruction of family would in turn cause people to rely on the government for support, which she claimed is the “goal of liberals.”  

During the September 12 segment, Wheeler discussed the London aquarium’s decision to not gender a four-month-old penguin as male or female. The penguin is being raised by a same-sex penguin couple. Wheeler regularly spews anti-trans rhetoric during her show and often dedicates her “Final Point” concluding segment to attacking trans people. Since July 25, Wheeler has claimed that “the transgender movement is a political force that will mandate that you violate your religious beliefs,” asserted that affirming trans children is “child abuse,” and fearmongered that transgender activists in public schools have “the power to essentially take your child away from you with the authority of the federal government.” OANN is a news network that regularly pushes conspiracy theories and has become one of President Trump’s favorite networks.

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Citation From the September 12, 2019, edition of OANN's Tipping Point

LIZ WHEELER (HOST): First question: Did the aquarist ask the penguin chick how it identified before she assigned it a non-gender? And if not, isn't that bigoted to make that assumption? And so why should this penguin be subjected to a trans-straight-penguin-phobic keeper in the first place? Isn't this London aquarium better than that? But really, here's how the conversation should start: Does this penguin have male or female genitalia? If the answer is male genitalia, then the penguin's gender is male. If the penguin's genitalia is female, then the penguin's gender is female. There! Had the conversation. And for bonus points, we should ask: Where does radical leftist gender ideology lead? Do liberals want human children to be genderless? If so, why? Is this based on biology? And if not, then what? What happens when human children are raised genderless? If gender is destroyed, doesn't that destroy traditional gender roles? And if gender roles are destroyed, doesn't that destroy gendered relationships? And if gendered relationships are destroyed, doesn't that destroy traditional marriage? And if traditional marriage is destroyed, doesn't that destroy the family unit? And if people aren't dependent on their families, then who do they depend on? That's right, the government, which is the goal of liberals in the first place. Don't let transgender penguins fool you.