OAN guest claims coronavirus vaccines are “effective if you want to kill people”

Lawyer embraced by anti-vax conspiracy theorists and the QAnon community pushes more disinformation after attending Sen. Ron Johnson's COVID-19 panel

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Citation From the January 27, 2021, edition of OAN's Real America

DAN BALL (HOST): That five-hour session hearing from doctors, nurses, scientists, virologists, you, and then hearing and seeing data. You know, I'm sure they're suppressing it already. But how could any common sense — and I won't say American — human being on the planet, watch that stuff and not at least have some doubt about all of the mandates, all of the lockdowns, and, primarily, the efficacy of this vaccine. 

THOMAS RENZ (LAWYER): Well, I think it's very effective if you want to kill people. I mean, if that's the goal. I mean, listen, so Dan, and good to see you again, but this is not something that we really have to be curious about. The DOD database, the Demat database — the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database is what it is — it was designed so that we could watch for issues popping up with our soldiers. It's top of the line. It's the best set of medical records, the best analysis tool that I can find anywhere. This is rock solid. These guys are young, healthy people. They're much more fit than the regular population. And we're seeing instance after instance, disease. I have 140-some, I believe, data points, all showing hundreds of percent increases of injury and death. I mean, it is mind-blowing.