OAN reporter says the real “treason” and “coup” were committed by Democrats, not the January 6 rioters

Pearson Sharp: “They've tried four times now to take down Donald Trump, including stealing the election”

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Citation From the June 23, 2022, edition of OAN's One America News 

PEARSON SHARP (OAN CORRESPONDENT): The hysteria over the January 6 protests has gone beyond what anyone ever thought possible. It has become a farce, a play being staged by our masters in Washington, who are putting on the performance of their lives just to convince you, the people, that all their tyrannical laws are justified. But they aren't justified, because the entire scenario is being concocted by men and women who hate America and want to see it fail. And the biggest roadblock, the biggest obstacle in their plan to destroy America was and still is President Donald Trump. That's why they had to remove him from office by any means necessary, and that's why we have this comical courtroom drama from a pack of lying dog-faced pony soldiers.

But how do we get here? How do we end up in a place where our nation's masters -- I won't call them leaders because they're acting like dictators, not elected officials. How do we end up in a place where they were able to overthrow an election, set up a coup against our nation's president, carry it out, and then attack the American people when we protested against their treason? Well, it turns out they've been planning this from day one -- from before day one, actually, because, as we know now the Democrats were scheming against President Trump before he was ever even elected. 


But all that American prosperity makes Democrats look bad. So how did they respond? Simple. They attack, and now "Shifty" Schiff, who repeatedly obstructed justice and lied about President Trump, is once again in charge of leading the deep state's desperate political theater over January 6. President Trump has been out of office for a year and a half and still all the Democrats can talk about is Trump.

This is what really happened on January 6. These are peaceful demonstrators gathered peaceably in our nation's capital to show their support for a president whose office was stolen from him by a corrupt system that undermined our great republic. And the only person killed that day was an innocent woman who was shot by a trigger-happy police officer with a history of mishandling firearms and who has still never been charged for her death. That's it. That's the big insurrection.

Without regard for truth or justice, the radical left has consistently used January 6 as a propaganda tool against those on the right in an effort to discredit President Trump and his supporters.

Democrats are terrified that Americans will rise up against their tyranny, and so they've tried four times now to take down Donald Trump, including stealing the election. And here they are again desperately trying to ensure that Donald Trump, who would block their communist agenda, can never be elected again. Their farce of a trial might succeed; enough corrupt Republicans may side with the Democrats, but we, the American people, can never forget how the Democrats have used this mockery of justice to destroy our country. And come November, we must hold them accountable. The fate of our nation depends on it.