NRATV host: Polls showing support for stronger gun laws are “bogus” because they survey people who “don’t own firearms”

From the October 12 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Be wary of post-Las Vegas shooting polls calling for stricter gun control. The problem with these polls are that the majority of people surveyed are uninformed and don’t own firearms. Now that is an important distinction. Those who don’t understand the issues aren’t the ones that should be making the judgments surveyed. But that is exactly what the liberal pollsters want. When you ask people who you know know nothing about firearms and the Second Amendment and ask them to weigh in on complicated issues like universal background checks, waiting periods, and purchase limits, and gun-free zones, the uninformed will almost always resort to the most simplistic view: limit guns, limit crime. But that’s not true -- we know that. It’s only the informed that realize that that view is a falsehood. Utopia doesn’t exist in a flawed and dangerous world. So now websites like Politico will trot out polls that say 64 percent of Americans want stricter gun control laws. I call bogus. The pollster told those people what they want. If they were to watch this program first or allow me to explain the flaws in the strict gun control, the numbers would drastically change, in our pro-gun favor they would. It’s why I’m so committed to this show. If we educate one person, just one every day that didn’t understand the need for a strong Second Amendment, then I  have done my job, a job that is to counter and expose the mainstream media.


Politico: Poll: Majority backs stricter gun control laws after Vegas shooting