NRATV host: The NRA doesn't need to march on Washington because we are not in a position of weakness

Grant Stinchfield: “When people march now, in modern day and maybe even across time, they are in positions of weakness”

From the March 26 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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DAN BONGINO (NRATV HOST): You know Grant, it’s not besmirching anyone to ask them if they're going to legislate against an item they refer to as an assault weapon, to know what it is. If you’re going to go out there – listen, I know exactly what a late term abortion is and why I’m against it. I know what the procedure is, I’ve seen horrible videos. I’ve actually done the homework on the issue, right? Now, to be clear I’m obviously not a woman, it’s obviously going to be a different experience for me and I don’t have the insight a woman does and never will as to pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. Now I say that in regards to this rally because I’m not suggestion you have to be a firearm owner. I’m not suggesting you have to have been in the military or law enforcement. Candidly folks, you don’t have to have shot a firearm in your entire life to have an opinion. But it really isn’t too much to ask to have a basic knowledge of what a “assault weapon” is before you want to ban it. I mean, Grant, I’m being serious, is that really too much to ask? You want to ban an item from -- you want 330 million Americans to be prohibited from possessing an item you can’t even describe in it’s most basic fashion? I mean, really I don’t think we’re asking too much, Grant. I really don’t.       

GRANT STINCHFIELD (NRATV HOST): It’s because their leaders told them that it needs to be banned and so often times what happens is they follow. And now I’ve said about marches, the reason you don’t see NRA members marching on Washington for a number of reasons. One is, I believe we’re in the majority of where we stand on gun rights. We are right and the Constitution is in our favor. And we’re not in a position of weakness. When people march now, in modern day and maybe even across time, they are in positions of weakness.  


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