After CNN wins award for its post-Parkland town hall, NRA's Dana Loesch claims she was publicly lynched at the event

Loesch: “This was a farce. It wasn’t a town hall, it was a public lynching”

From the March 19 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (NRA NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON AND NRATV HOST): CNN allowed politicians to get up on stage -- and this is some of the stuff that you didn’t see before the cameras turned on -- CNN allowed politicians to get on stage and give these electioneering speeches and do everything that they could to exploit the pain in the community and amp up the emotions so that when the cameras turned on, everything was very raw and everything had already ascended to that particular point. Case in point, [then-Broward County sheriff] Scott Israel was allowed to get on stage to which he referred to me as the “NRA lady,” after I had introduced myself to him, NRA lady end quote. He referred to me on stage that way and then already began blaming me on stage before he was invited back on stage after the cameras turned on. CNN didn’t tell you any of that. CNN didn’t show you any of the footage that I showed you in those video clips, and I have a ton more. CNN also probably didn’t show you, and I’m happy -- I would love to see this footage because their cameras were on, the woman who tried to rush the stage and grab me from the back. And one of my three detail actually had to restrain her. And that’s at that point that Jake Tapper stood up and asked if I had an escort and I should probably go ahead and get out of there because the roll away stairs at the side of the stage were starting to be rolled away. So all of this, you know that CNN's cameras caught, it doesn’t help advance their narrative, and so they’re not going to show any of that. This was a farce. It wasn’t a town hall, it was a public lynching.   

LOESCH: I’m not sorry that I was more prepared than Jake was to hold accountable that sheriff. I’m not sorry that I was more prepared than CNN to hold accountable those elected officials who let that community down. And I am not sorry that I spoke for truth. And I am not sorry that I rightfully criticized the media the next day when I remarked upon their exploitation of pain for the sake of ratings on stage at CPAC. Every single syllable I said was correct, every single syllable I meant and their reaction to this award today and the way they are reacting to my righteous indignation, and my deserved criticism of their behavior, the way they handled this town hall and their receiving of this award is further vindication of that and proves me 1000 percent correct. You’re welcome.


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