Pulitzer-winning journalist asks how we “continue to have an argument” about whether Trump “is pushing the idea of white supremacy”

Stephen Henderson: Compare Trump's comments that NFL protesters “should be fired ... with what he said after he saw a bunch of white men with torches march in Charlottesville”

From the September 24 edition of NBC's Meet the Press:

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​CHUCK TODD (HOST): Stephen, we put together a list of President Trump and some racial controversies, and it's -- he led the birther movement; Mexican immigrants, called them rapists; the border wall; the Muslim ban; attacked Judge Curiel; attacked the Khan family, if you remember August of 2016, that's the Gold Star dad; blamed both sides for Charlottesville; went after Colin Kaepernick; uninvited Steph Curry. Many people look over there and say there's a pattern.

STEPHEN HENDERSON: There is a pattern, and I think it's pretty clear that the annoyance, I think, on the part of a lot of African-Americans and other people who want more racial justice is the apologists that continue to sort of argue about whether this is a president who supports institutions of white supremacy. Let's look at what he said on Friday night in Alabama and how enthusiastically he said it, that these people should be fired. Contrast that with what he said after he saw a bunch of white men with torches march in Charlottesville. “There are lots of fine people among those marchers,” he said. Then put it into the policy context. This is a president whose attorney general has said, “We're going to back off of these consent agreements with police departments,” who are causing the very problem that people like Colin Kaepernick is protesting. How can we continue to have an argument about whether this is a president who is pushing the idea of white supremacy?


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