Ohio news station hosts the mother of a transgender boy to highlight dangers of anti-trans bill 

The bill would require school and hospital staff in Ohio to out transgender students to their parents 

From the June 28 edition of WLWT's News at 5:

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MEGAN MITCHELL (REPORTER): Riggins [Vaughn] was pronounced female at birth. The last few years, he and his mother, Teresa [Schrader] have been changing his pronouns and legal name to match his gender identity as male. Teresa says it wasn't always easy, but she supports him one hundred percent and he feels that. 

RIGGINS VAUGHN (TRANSGENDER BOY): I know my transition was easier because of my family and friends. But I also know that other kids, like me, don't have it as easy because they don't have the support. 

MITCHELL: A new bill would require school and hospital staff to inform a parent if a child indicates they're not sure about their gender. Transgender advocates say the bill can create an unsafe environment for transgender children who aren't supported by their family.

TERESA SCHRADER (MOTHER OF RIGGINS): Suicide rate for transgender kids is around forty percent. So, who wants their kid to possibly commit suicide because they're not feeling comfortable with who they are, because they're not feeling supported? 

MITCHELL: Representative [Thomas] Brinkman defends the bill, saying parents have the right to decide what's best for their children. Teresa says the doctors at [Cincinnati] Children's [Hospital Medical Center] told her differently. 

SCHRADER: The therapists there, the doctors, they'll tell you, “You let them take the lead. This is their journey.” So if a child doesn't feel like they're going to get the love and support at home, but they can get the support somewhere else, that's so important. 


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