NBC's Nicolle Wallace: The Republican Party “Died In This Room Tonight”

Wallace: “We Are Now Represented As A Party By A Man Who Believes In Protectionism, Isolationism, And Nativism”

From NBC's July 21 coverage of the Republican National Convention:

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NICOLLE WALLACE: Listening to this, I was struck by two things I always believed during my two decades in Republican politics. One, the voters always get it right, and two, the Republican Party that I worked for for two decades died in this room tonight. We are now represented as a Party by a man who believes in protectionism, isolationism, and nativism. And those were the forces that George W. Bush, and I believe John McCain too, were most worried about during their times as the leaders of the Republican Party. 

CHUCK TODD: Striking comment. You believe the Party died tonight?

WALLACE: Well, the voters picked this guy. This is where the Republican Party is now. They now are attracted to those forces of isolationism and protectionism. But the party I was part of for two decades is dead.


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