NBC’s Chuck Todd Pushes Pence On The “Troubling Allegations” Against Trump Adviser Roger Ailes And Campaign CEO Steve Bannon

Todd: “Are You Comfortable With Their Involvement In This Campaign” And Is It “Appropriate For Roger Ailes To Be Involved?”

From the September 4 edition of NBC‘s Meet the Press:

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): Quick question about the leadership of the campaign, there’s been some troubling allegations both against Steve Bannon, somethings he may have said about Jewish people, some things that may have happened between him  and his wife. There’s been troubling allegations having to do with Roger Ailes. Both of whom are apparently advisers to this campaign. Are you comfortable with that considering some of the allegations you’ve read against both of these men? Are you comfortable with their involvement in this campaign? 

MIKE PENCE: I promise you the person leading Donald Trump's campaign is Donald Trump. He and I talk every day, sometimes several times a day. He is -- he is a hands on leader and a hands on CEO.

TODD: Appropriate for Roger Ailes to be involved? 

PENCE: I trust Donald Trump's judgment to assemble around this team a group that’s going to help us move forward and be successful and win. And come on, I mean, Steve Bannon has denied all of those allegations -- 

TODD: Some are in court records. I mean, look, I know -- look, divorces are divorces. But it's troubling allegations, people are going to look and say, all right, Steve Bannon and then you see all these allegations against Roger Ailes, it just feels as if there’s -- does he ignore troubling allegations against people that work for him? 

PENCE: I trust Donald Trump to assemble a team around him in this campaign has he has and will continue to. You'll continue to see people added to this campaign. 


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