NBC's Andrea Mitchell Corrects GOP Benghazi Select Committee Member's Clinton E-Mail Falsehood

Mitchell: “I Cover The State Department. That Is Just Factually Not Correct And I've Been As Tough On This Issue As Anyone.”

From the October 18 edition of NBC News' Meet the Press

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ANDREA MITCHELL: Why, then, do you call Sid Blumenthal and Huma Abedin and all of these other personal aides and non-aides? Why have you focused so much on e-mails and not on the central question of why was the security failure at that consulate?

REP. MIKE POMPEO (R-KS): Well, we have focused on the central failure. We have focused on the security issues, and we will continue. You'll see lots of questions about that on Thursday. But let me speak to Mr. Blumenthal. It goes directly to the security issue. We see now that former secretary [Clinton] relied on Mr. Blumenthal for most of her intelligence. That is she was relying --

MITCHELL: That is factually not correct.

POMPEO: No, it is absolutely factually correct.

MITCHELL: Relied on Mr. Blumenthal for most of her intelligence?

POMPEO: Ms. Mitchell, take a look at the e-mails trails and you will see --

MITCHELL: I cover the State Department. That is just factually not correct and I've been as tough on this issue as anyone. 

POMPEO: We just have a factual disagreement. 


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