Fox's Juan Williams: RNC “Should Not Be In That Business” Of Choosing Debate Moderators

Williams: “When You Get Into A Situation Where You're Controlling The Journalism, I Think It Taints The Product”

From the November 2 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JUAN WILLIAMS: Let me just quickly say, you want the RNC to control American media. That's not --

ERIC BOLLING: I didn't say that, Juan. [CROSSTALK]

WILLIAMS: You said that they should decide who moderates the debate. Look, there is a long standing debate - [CROSSTALK]

BOLLING: Can I clarify it? I don't think they should decide who -- they can say we don't want someone like a Harwood.

WILLIAMS: OK. Let me just say, they should not be in that business. I don't think anybody wants them in that business. They should be, as you saw from the RNC, trying to limit the number of debates, say who gets debates and where they take place, and deliver the candidates. When you get into a situation where you're controlling the journalism, I think it taints the product. That's not good.


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