Erick Erickson: Super Tuesday Second And Third Place GOP Finishers Need To Unite Against Trump

Erickson: “Whoever Has The Most Delegates To Be In Second Place Has A Plausible Case To Say We Need A Reagan-Bush Coalition”

From the February 28 edition of NBC's Meet The Press:

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): Erick, you believe it's on conservative values.


TODD: That that's the way to unify the party on this and you've been critical of both Cruz and Rubio.


TODD: For not being able to coalesce. You feel like they're being childish about this.

ERICKSON: Yeah, they are being very childish about it. It was very interesting, Thursday, they finally together tag-teamed Donald Trump. In fact, name-checking each other at the end of their time so the other could say, “Hey, hey, I get 30 seconds to respond.”

TODD: Right.

ERICKSON: And going after Trump. At some point when Wednesday comes, when the sun rises on Wednesday, whoever has the most delegates to be in second place has a plausible case to say we need a Reagan-Bush coalition.

TODD: And you say the other guy needs to get out.

ERICKSON: Yeah, he needs to get out and be the VP.

TODD: And that's what you would tell them to do?


TODD: And you think that likelihood of those two guys working together?

ERICKSON: They're going to have to. Reagan and Bush had to work together.