After New Zealand shooting, father of slain Virginia journalist calls out Google for not doing more to monitor violent content 

Andy Parker: “It's sociopathic and that's exactly the way Google has operated”

From the March 15 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe

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MIKE BARNICLE (MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR): You mentioned you'd watch it online later. Unfortunately, tragically, the tape of your daughter's death is online. 

ANDY PARKER (AUTHOR, FOR ALISON): Yeah, it's there in perpetuity. I'm trying to get it removed and I'm in the process right now. I've engaged, thankfully, the Georgetown University civil rights law clinic. They are helping me in my fight with Google to get this stuff removed, to get that video removed because it's a murder. It's, you know, not that much different than Daniel Pearl's beheading. It's not as graphic, but it's still graphic. It's a murder that Google should not be -- it shouldn't be on there. 

BARNICLE: It's obscene. 

PARKER: It is obscene and not only that, but Google has told -- has put the burden and the onus on me and other people, others like me, in terms of these conspiracy theories to flag this content. Imagine someone telling you, “You need to watch every single video of your daughter's murder and all the other related hoax or content and you have to tell us why we shouldn't keep this up.” I mean, the only people that I know of that would do this is maybe ISIS. So it is -- it's sociopathic and that's exactly the way Google has operated. They've been very arbitrary and ad hoc in their decisions to remove this content and that's why Georgetown is on my side, we're taking them on, we insist that they remove this stuff. And it's kind of unprecedented. Nobody's ever tackled this before. 


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