Ted Nugent Blames “Pimps And Whores And Welfare Brats” For Decline Of Detroit

National Rifle Association board member and Washington Times columnist Ted Nugent is well known for his inflammatory rhetoric. In a recent interview with NRA News Nugent -- known by the moniker 'Motor City Madman" -- aimed his typical style of vile insults at none other the Motor City itself, Detroit, Michigan.

During a discussion about Nugent's fondness for his current home of Texas, Nugent offered up a diatribe blaming “liberal policies”, “pimps” “whores” and “welfare brats” for the decline of Detroit, which he labeled a “canker sore.”

NUGENT: My birth state is Michigan. I was raised where neighbors helped neighbors and people got up early and put their heart and soul into being the best that they can be. And I think we can all look to my beloved birth city of Detroit as example of what liberal policies will do to greatness. Detroit is a canker sore compared to this glowing city on the Detroit River that I was raised in and it's direct result of the Mayor Coleman Young and the Jennifer Granholms of the world and the tragedy of pimps and whores and welfare brats being blood suckers and destroying the greatest city in the world.

Nugent went on to say that there are still “wonderful people” living in Detroit.

Last year, Nugent wrote that "[b]eing poor is largely a choice, a daily, if not hourly decision," and concluded, “we need to punish poor decisions instead of rewarding them. We cannot continue to offer a safety blanket to those Americans who make poor choices. The fewer social welfare programs, the better.”

Media Matters has documented previous outbursts where Nugent has derided President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Muslim community, and the LGBT community while defending the confederate flag and police pepper-spraying Occupy protesters:

7. The Confederate Flag. Nugent has repeatedly drawn controversy for wearing shirts emblazoned with the Confederate battle standard. During a 2000 performance in South Carolina, in the midst of that state's debate over whether the Confederate flag should be removed from the top of the State House dome, Nugent reportedly wore such a shirt and told the audience, "[t]hose politically correct (profane name) can take the flag down, but I am going to wear it forever." In 2007, he wore a Confederate flag T-shirt during a performance at Gov. Rick Perry's (R-TX) inaugural ball, triggering condemnation from the state chapter of the NAACP. Asked during a 2011 interview why he was wearing such a shirt, he replied "[b]ecause somebody gave it to me in South Carolina and it's cool."

6. Watching Police Pepper-Spray Protesters Is “Good For My Conservative Soul.” In his December 14, 2011, Washington Times column titled “Occupy stooges on parade: It's fun watching Democrats getting hauled off to jail,” Nugent wrote about the “hearty laugh[s]” he had after “watching the cops pounce on and pepper-spray a few Occupy stooges and then drag the dirtballs off to jail in shackles.” Nugent went on to say that this was “good for my conservative soul and gold for my sense of humor.” [....]

4. Hillary Clinton Is A “Toxic Cunt” And “Two-Bit Whore For Fidel Castro.”In a 1994 interview with Denver, Colorado music magazine Westwood, Nugent said of then-First Lady Hillary Clinton: “You probably can't use the term `toxic cunt' in your magazine, but that's what she is. Her very existence insults the spirit of individualism in this country. This bitch is nothing but a two-bit whore for Fidel Castro.”

3. “How Can We Offend Guys That Actually Have Anal Sex?” During a 2000 interview on Fox News'Hannity and Colmes (via Nexis), Nugent defended anti-gay comments by then-Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, saying “I got to tell you, guys that have sex with each others' anals cavities - how can we offend guys that have anal sex? Don't you think that might offend some of us who think that's despicable?”

2. Muslim Community Is “Rude And Stupid,” “If Islam Is A Religion Of Peace, Then I'm A Malnourished, Tofu-Eating Anti-Hunter.” In his August 19, 2010, Washington Times column, Nugent wrote that “the Muslim community is being tremendously rude and stupid for wanting to build a mosque so close to Ground Zero in New York City.” He also wrote that “If Islam is the religion of peace, then I'm a malnourished, tofu-eating anti-hunter,” adding that “Islam is no more a peaceful religion than Jim Jones was a Christian prophet.” He did acknowledge that "[n]ot all Muslims are religious whacks who deserve a bullet," but stated that “the statistics are alarming.”

1. Obama Is “A Piece Of Shit” Who Should “Suck On My Machine Gun.”During an August 21, 2007, concert, while brandishing what appeared to be two assault rifles, Nugent said, “hey Obama, you might want to suck on one of these, you punk,” adding, “hey Obama, he's a piece of shit, I told him to suck on my machine gun.” He went on to say that while he was in New York, “I said, 'hey Hillary [Clinton], you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch.” He also said that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) “might want to suck on my machine gun,” adding of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), “ride one of these you worthless whore.”