NPR's Folkenflik: Baier's “All-Star” Panel Under Represents Liberals

In a profile today of Fox News anchor Bret Baier, NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik reported that he did a six month review of Special Report's “All-Star” panel and found that it under represents liberals.

From NPR's All-Things Considered:

FOLKENFLIK: I reviewed six months worth of Baier's panels, and the same mix typically prevailed: two clear cut conservatives and one other analyst, sometimes a Democrat or a liberal, but usually a journalist from a non-ideological news outlet. As I told Baier, that would seem to under represent the left and also to cast reporters as though they're surrogate liberals.

BAIER (tape): I understand your point. I think numerous people can make the case of what the administration is trying to do, trying to say, that provides a perspective, not perhaps advocating for that position, but analyzing it.

Tonight's Special Report characteristically features two conservative commentators and one reporter: Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer and Washington Post national political correspondent Karen Tumulty.

Baier was recently ridiculed by Jon Stewart, who highlighted Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon's admission that he lied repeatedly during the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign when he speculated on-air “about whether Barack Obama really advocated socialism.”

Days before the Sammon admission was revealed, Baier appeared on Stewart's program and claimed that there's a line between Fox's “news” and “opinion” programming. As Stewart and others have noted, Sammon's admission laid waste to Baier's claim.

Baier has yet to publicly say anything about Sammon, who participates daily in Special Report meetings.