Rupert Murdoch's non-apology apology

First, it was News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch concocting a phantom quote from Obama, claiming he had made a “very racist comment.” Now its Murdoch's flak claiming his boss didn't really mean to suggest Obama was racist.

Just asking: Do they use a slightly different English language over there in Fox News world? Because there's simply no way to square what Murdoch said on TV and what his flak is saying now.

And if Murdoch is actually sorry he called President of the United States a racist on international television, than why doesn't the businessman apologize, instead of sending a minion out to try to spin it away by claiming Murdoch “does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist.”

I'm sure Obama is quite flattered.

But again, the flak's comment completely contradicts what Murdoch--as plain as day--told a TV interviewer, which was that Obama had made “a very racist comment” and that Glenn Beck “was right” when he called Obama a racist.

Maybe to clear things up, Murdoch's paid point person can solve the key mystery and determine which comment Murdoch was referring to when he announced the president had made a “very racist” remark. If nobody inside News Corp can locate that quote, than Murdoch needs to publicly apologize to Obama. And not send his flak out to do the dirty work.