Watch MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Dismantle The False Trump Talking Points About Voter Fraud And More 

From the October 20 edition of MSNBC Live

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ANDREA MITCHELL (HOST): Let's go through some of the points that he has made. He is saying that he will abide by the results if he wins. He's reserving his right to a legal challenge if there is a questionable result. He has accused -- he said Hillary Clinton is a candidate who is truly capable of anything, including voter fraud, no evidence of that. He's repeating canards about the level of voter fraud which has been disputed by every think tank and expert non-partisan in the business. He's saying that Hillary is a dishonest person, she is a corrupt person, a person not fit to seek the presidency, suggested don't be naive, the Clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt our rallies. That is, his evidence is the completely discredited James O'Keefe, edited -- selectively edited videos. I'm trying to go through the rest of the list. Also, claiming that there was disruption, as I say, of those rallies that were prompted by the Clinton campaign. Ruth, have I missed anything here? 

RUTH MARCUS: She should drop out because she got questions from Donna Brazile in advance. 

MITCHELL: Which is also completely disproved because it was a panel where Donna Brazile as a CNN paid panelist before she became DNC acting chair was providing both Bernie Sanders, Tad Devine on his behalf, and people in the Clinton campaign, the subject matters that she was going to bring up in CNN post town hall meetings and their coverage. Both sides. 


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