MSNBC's Michael Steele responds to Roy Moore's pro-slavery era remarks: “Are you kidding me? This is coming to the United States Senate?”

Moore told an African-American rally-goer that America was “great” before the abolition of slavery because “families were united”

From the December 8 edition of MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson:

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HALLIE JACKSON (HOST): [Roy] Moore has denied all the allegations against him and I would note, on this show, every single day this week, we've talked about the other things that Roy Moore has said, including a quote that has picked up some traction you've seen about slavery and perhaps that was a --

MICHAEL STEELE: Oh yeah, that was a good one.

JACKSON: Well, so listen. Here's the thing though --

STEELE: That made me feel right at home.

JACKSON: Tell me, what was your reaction?


STEELE: It's just, I mean, it's just -- look, this guy is -- OK. The reaction to something like that is: stop and think about what we're talking about and who we're talking about here. Here's a man who's talking about better days, when we were all better and stronger back in the day. Yeah, there was slavery, but -- are you kidding me? This is coming to the United States Senate along with your pedophilia? I mean, this is -- people, get a grip on what you're about to vote on here.

JACKSON: So then, is [Alabama Democratic Senate candidate] Doug Jones' play to try to mobilize the African-American community in Alabama? He's sending out mailers, he's bringing in [Rep.] John Lewis [(D-GA)]. Is that going to be enough for him?

STEELE: Just keep replaying what Roy Moore says about black folks, that should take care of that.


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