On The Last Word, Attorney Lisa Bloom Says More Women Will Come Forward To Report Harassment By Bill O'Reilly

Bloom: “I Have More Women Who Have Been Calling Me” 

From the April 11 edition of MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell:

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LAWRENCE O'DONNELL (HOST): I would like your reaction to the sudden announce member that Bill O'Reilly is going on vacation. 

LISA BLOOM: It is such a coincidence, Lawrence, because tomorrow I'm going on vacation as well. But the difference is I for sure am coming back to work on Monday. And Bill O'Reilly should not be coming back to work on Monday, because he has sexually harassed so many women. Wendy Walsh has been so brave the come out like anybody else she was scared. I told her I would be at her side if she chose to do this. She has done it. She hasn't asked for a dime, simply told her story over and over again. We have taken a new step just about every day as this story progressed. Today I sent a letter to the state division of human rights in New York with all the information that's publicly available. There is a lot of it. It's about 15 pages long about sexual harassment at Fox News generally and about Bill O'Reilly in particular and I asked them to initiate their own investigation of Fox News. Tomorrow we have another step. I have more who have been women calling me. I have a message for the Murdochs, this is not going away. If you think this is going to blow over, it's not. 

O'DONNELL: Lisa, is one of your messages for the Murdochs that there will be more women coming out publicly against Bill O'Reilly either filing lawsuits or doing interviews as Wendy Walsh has done. 

BLOOM: I think that that is highly likely Lawrence.


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