On a QAnon-affiliated livestream, Mike Lindell confirms Tucker Carlson reached out to help push conspiracies about the 2020 presidential election

Lindell claims that after the FBI seized his phone, “Tucker Carlson texted me, he said, ‘Enough’s enough,’ and he put it up there. And they even said the word ‘Dominion’ on Fox News”

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Citation From Badlands Media’s November 8, 2022, Election Day coverage

MIKE LINDELL: Think of it as a big marketing thing right now, it’s the biggest cover-up of the biggest crime in history. So, what I’ve done, like when my phone got taken by the FBI, OK? Do you know how much I sat there and pleaded to be arrested? I mean, I go, “I haven't done — I want to be arrested,” I am sitting there begging them. Then they go, “No, we’re taking your phone.” I go, “No, you’re not,” I said, “Well, I want to call a lawyer.” They go, “No, you can’t call a lawyer.” I said, “So if I get arrested, I can call a lawyer. But if I don’t get arrested, you can steal my personal property?”

But anyway, I went on and on. Because why did I want to get arrested? Only one reason. Maybe Fox News would talk about the — these machines, and this, and this big crime that our country’s been under. And you know what? I didn’t — it turns out I didn’t have to be arrested, it was the No. 1 story in the world. And Tucker Carlson texted me, he said, “Enough’s enough,” and he put it up there. And they even said the word “Dominion” on Fox News. Come on, it’s true, it’s true. Now, I heard it — at least it rhymed with “Dominion.”

Lindell — who made this announcement on a livestream affiliated with members of the QAnon influencer collective We The Media — has previously thanked Carlson for the positive coverage he received from Fox News after the FBI seized Lindell’s phone in a probe involving the alleged breach of voting equipment in a Colorado county. On the September 13 edition of his show, an outraged Carlson announced “The FBI has just raided the guy who sells pillows on this channel. Not because the pillows were bad, but because they don't like who he voted for.”