Mike Lindell thanks Fox News and Tucker Carlson for talking more about election conspiracies in the wake of the FBI seizing his phone

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Citation From the September 16, 2022, edition of War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON [HOST]: Mike, in doing this show now for a couple of years, I’ve never seen the audience or the posse people reaching out to me more furious, of all the terrible stuff that’s happened, than the FBI trying to humiliate you the other day. A man who I think more than ever – anybody, has been a patriot in trying to stand up and just do the right thing for his country. And they really were energized yesterday when you came on here and said hey I’m not going to take this. I’m going on offense. So can you just give us a quick update?

MIKE LINDELL [GUEST]: Yeah we’re, Tuesday morning everybody, we’ll be filing our lawsuit against the United States government and the FBI. They broke First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, my rights, and I’ve had conversations now for two days and we have one more this afternoon with the attorney. I’ve heard there’s even more good news that we’re going to add to this this afternoon and, you know, I always look at the – you know God’s had his hand in all of this.

And we’re going to look back – everything had to happen just the way it did and what happened the other day, I think it needed to happen Steve cause I’m going to get this stopped. We can’t have people, the FBI, weaponized by our government, bashing down doors like the Gestapo in Germany, you know, it’s like the Gestapo. It’s, it was disgusting. But you know, there is a silver lining too with the media. You know, Fox talked about it, Tucker talked about it, and I give them a little credit. You know, I usually bash Fox every day and they actually talked about it two days in a row – about the machine company. We’ve got to get rid of these machines, is that such a bad thing? I mean you come and the FBI, they did it for show Steve, you know that.