On OAN, Mike Lindell promised a second “cyber symposium” spreading his election lies

Lindell claimed Trump could be reinstated as president by “this fall -- I hope in September”

An OAN screenshot of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell doing a remote interview on screen left, with screen right showing larger file footage of Lindell in a different OAN interview. Chyron reads "Mike Lindell reflects on 3-day Cyber Symposium"

One America News hosted defamation lawsuit defendant and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for a friendly interview last week after his embarrassing and ham-fisted three-day “cyber symposium,” of which OAN aired over 30 hours live. Speaking on Friday, Lindell said he’s attempting to hold a second symposium in “maybe about six to seven weeks,” seeking fraudulent election “audits” in all 50 states similar to the much-maligned “audit” in Arizona. Even though the symposium utterly failed to provide the crucial election fraud evidence Lindell had been hyping for months, he largely evaded the issue during the OAN interview and claimed that “every single segment” was “all absolute proof and evidence, but they all interject.”

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Citation From the August 13, 2021, edition of OAN Evening News

On August 10, the day it began airing Lindell’s lie-filled symposium, OAN was sued by Dominion Voting Systems for defamation over the network’s spread of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. OAN had heavily promoted Lindell’s event beforehand, however, and it treated the entire three days of Lindell’s potentially defamatory conference as breaking news. Newsmax, an OAN competitor that is also being sued by Dominion, also heavily promoted and praised Lindell’s election absurdities (though it aired far less of the event live).

In his post-symposium interview, Lindell absurdly claimed the Supreme Court or state legislatures could make Donald Trump president again sometime “this fall,” possibly in September (after Lindell had previously named August 13 as the date). Lindell also suggested that the timing of Dominion’s lawsuits against OAN and Newsmax, legal developments with Lindell’s own defamation suit, and difficulties with accessing the MyPillow website are all evidence of attempts to silence him.