In appearance on OAN, Mike Lindell attacks Dominion Voting Systems and doubles down on his conspiracy theories

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Citation From January 20, 2021, coverage on One America News

JENN PELLEGRINO (WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT): Joining me now is inventor and CEO of MyPillow and, of course, close friend of President Trump, Mr. Mike Lindell. Mike, thank you for being here. It's good to see you.

MIKE LINDELL (MYPILLOW CEO): Thanks for having me on.

PELLEGRINO: I want to talk with you about Dominion. Obviously a lot of news lately. You've seen a lot of what's going on behind the scenes with Dominion. Can you give us the latest?

LINDELL: Well, the -- you know, a few days ago, they, they sent me a letter about three weeks ago when this new evidence came out from in, you know, from the machines that prove 100% that China and other countries took our election that they were behind it. So, I dove into it, and I, and I, I reposted stuff. They had put out a little piece of this evidence. All my -- all the platforms started to be taken down and Dominion sent me a letter that said, “You have been warned.” It sounded almost like a mafia thing or like it was, it wasn't like, “Hey, we have a lawsuit against you.” You know, like my other friends got -- a lot of other people got actually sued by them. Well, for me, it was different. They let it sit there. So for two weeks, it sat there, for two and a half weeks. Now, I went very public because I have other evidence. This guy came to me that does forensic -- mathematical forensic -- cyber forensics. That's what he did for two months. He worked on this for 15 to 20 hours a day and he can't -- finally he was done. He brought this, and this matches perfectly with three other ones that shows who did it, when they did it, the latitude and longitude, the IP addresses of the computers, but you married these two and it's just -- it's like you look at it and go, “Wow I can't believe the extent that they did this.” And there's five countries, at least, involved. So, they -- and Dominion knows this, so I'm putting this out there and talking about it.

Well then, they dropped that letter four days ago, like it's going to scare me. We dropped the letter and all the media’s attacking me, going, “You know they're going to sue you.” I'm going, “Please, Dominion, please sue me,” so that we can -- we'll actually get it out faster then because they're gonna have to show everything in depositions and so on. But we're going to get it out a lot faster than that would be anyway. But you know that’s man -- that's manifested now to many things, attacks from everywhere boycotting me. I mean, there's all kinds of companies that have dropped MyPillow now, but it's -- but I'm not giving up and I'm not stopping.