Right-wing bloggers hammer Issa for not wanting Obama to fail enough

Right-wing bloggers are laying into Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) today over fears that he might not be aggressive enough investigating what they see as the high crimes of the Obama administration.

Slurpees are spilling in the sandbox.

Citing comments Issa made in a conference call overnight, Politico reported that Issa, “who will have far-ranging subpoena power in the new Congress,” was “going out of his way to dispel perceptions that he a partisan bombthrower who plans to use his newfound authority to paralyze President Obama's administration.” Issa reportedly said:

My job is not to bring down the president. My job is to make the president a success.

Enter Doug Powers. In a post on Michelle Malkin's blog, Powers took Issa to task for that quote, writing, “My Slurpee just boiled over.” Powers warned, “It's the Democrats who are supposed to shove the olive branch, Rep. Issa -- we don't want you to serve your own to them complete with a candlelight dinner and a lightly chilled bottle of chardonnay.”

Malkin showed her own disgust with Issa via Twitter:

What will Rush say?